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There is a place where Jesus discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart. Join this group of high school students as they embark on an adventure while visiting the Cabin in the Deep Dark Woods. They will find themselves engrossed in a story as Jesus reveals who they are. Some will be challenged when they find out their eternal destiny is in jeopardy. There are sure to be some exciting and tense moments during this adventure as their hearts are exposed at the Cabin in the Way. Who will be able to overcome the truth within? Will a time of repentance be instilled in the hearts of this group? Can they find a way to bring home the life-altering events that unfold? Join Peter, Mark, Brenda, and Becky, and the rest of the gang as they discover the profound truth of their heart as revealed by Jesus. Are you brave enough to join them? If so, follow along by participating in the discussion questions and the devotional at the end of each chapter.

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