Cabin Book Two ~ The Spirit and the Bride

The Cabin in the Deep Dark Woods ~ Book Two: With the wedding fast approaching and the latest construction project facing an imminent deadline, Marcus is faced with a decision to postpone the wedding or incorporate his work into his honeymoon. Marcus and his crew must remove a time capsule buried during a cave-in at the Edwardsville mine many years ago. However, there is a more pressing issue on Marcus’s mind. What effect will a secret from his past have on Andrea, his beautiful new bride? Her faith will be tested and challenged as his sin from the past is uncovered. Will his construction crew be a help or a hindrance in this endeavor? Join these two honeymooners as they dig into their past, their future, and the mine at the Cabin in the Deep Dark Woods.

This book is expected to be published summer of 2021. It is at the editor as of July 2021.

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